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I have received a wish to create a red rose for a women's 50th birthday. A rose was to be created in any way that I wished. I let my creativity flow and came up with a red rose on a watercolour paper coloured by watercolour pencils. For my creation I used a canvas, size of 30x30 cm which I coloured with Lindy’s sprays in green, brown and yellow. On top of that I have added the texture from fabric, sand, pebbles and small wooden sticks which are covered with white gesso. On top of that I applied colours. The artwork includes 3 hand-made roses among which sits a chipboard butterfly painted with gold paste.
On canvas a small rose garden was created that attracts views into a hidden butterfly paradise. With the artwork I tried to express a little piece of my artistic dreams 💗💗💗

Želja je bila ustvariti rdečo vrtnico za žensko, ki praznuje 50 let in naj bo narejena na kakršenkoli način.
Nastala je rdeča vrtnica na akvarelnem papirju, pobarvana z akvarelnimi barvami.
Platno velikosti 30x30 …

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